We are having quite a time here in Oklahoma.  It’s been too long since we were home, and we are lucky to be able to spend a couple of weeks here this time.  We have spent lots of time with family and friends.  Last week, we dragged Davey from place to place for about 4 days in a row.  I finally realized that all these get togethers might not be quite as fun for him, although he had a great time with young friends at a couple of them.  He’s had a few “loki” (low-key) days now, and he is very happy to be spending time with his cousin.

I love to listen to him ask his cousin questions.  She is 10, and so he looks to her for wisdom in many things kid-related.  I wish I could think of a good example.  It’s cute to listen to.

Tonight, I was talking to him before he went to sleep.  This is when we have some of our best talks.  He was telling me about a friend who had fussed at him at school.  (He will tell me stories about things that happened months ago as if they had happened only yesterday.  It can be hard to keep up!)  Anyway, the friend said something to him that I thought was a little unkind, so I told him he should tell her (if it happened again) that he was doing the best that he could, and that she should mind her own business.  He said, “well, I can tell her that I am doing the best I can, but she will get TERRIFYINGLY CRAZY if I tell her to mind her own business”.

I had to write that down.  It definitely caught me off guard!  He can be quite dramatic.

So we are enjoying a few more days here in Oklahoma.  I get to see my grandparents every day which has been great.  Tomorrow, I am meeting friends whom I have known since elementary school – some since kindergarten.  I am looking forward to it. Friday David is having a mini-reunion of sorts with friends from his high school class.  It’s his 30 year class reunion this year.  Yikes.

10986518_10207152297226232_8258060080791044077_nIt’s definitely a trip to remember.




Driving Driving to Oklahoma

Today was the second day of what I have been calling “Our Drive Across America” even though really we are only going about halfway across.  I was thinking it might feel like a drive across America by the time we were done, but so far it’s been a lot of fun.

We are leisurely travelers.  For example, we made our first stop in Vantage, Washington.  It’s about 30 minutes from our house.  I’d been wanting to stop at the scenic overlook to see the Wild Horses Monument though.  So we did.


It’s just beautiful.  This scenic stop also overlooks the Columbia River.


I love the Columbia River.  We took the opportunity to take Buster for a little stroll too since we’d stopped.


We drove across eastern Washington on I-90 to Spokane.  We had not made this drive before.  It’s pretty flat and desolate, but it was fun because I kept seeing these!


Dust devils everywhere in the fields!  We have driven through a lot of areas similar to this in other parts of the country, but I’d never seen so many dust devils.

We stopped at a rest area outside of Spokane before we went into Idaho.  We like to stop at rest areas, and there are a lot of beautiful ones in Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  The facilities were almost all spotless.  Some even have fenced in areas for dogs to run leash free.


I didn’t take any pictures, but our drive across I-90 through part of the Idaho panhandle was amazing.  We drove by Couer d’Alene Lake, and it’s just incredible.  It’s a beautiful mountain lake, and we can’t wait to go back there some day.

We spent the night last night in Butte, Montana.  We left pretty early this morning and headed to Rock Springs, Wyoming which is where we are tonight. We drove through some beautiful country today.

For the past two days we listened to the entire first Harry Potter book on cd.  Jim Dale reads it and he is an amazing reader.  Davey wanted to listen practically all day long both days.  Jim Dale is so entertaining to listen to, and the story is so good that I think we could happily listen to it again.  We might!

Today we also drove through Spencer, Idaho.  There are opal mines there, and you can pay to dig for opals.  I don’t know if they brought this rock in or if this is the mine?  There were some people digging here though.  I thought this was interesting!

opal-mineAnother highlight of the day were the “square” ice cream cones we had in Swan Valley, Wyoming.  Swan Valley is another beautiful area not too far from Jackson.  We stopped for a little break and saw people pouring out of this little convenience store with their square ice cream cones.  It was definitely some good ice cream!  (Well Davey wasn’t thrilled.  He claimed that his was too “vanilla-ey”  and he didn’t like his much.  David and I, however, were very satisfied customers!)IMG_0061

Tonight we experienced a nice noisy thunderstorm, and it poured down rain.  Buster was not happy.  Poor nervous dog.  He hadn’t really experienced thunder much before.   He’s been enjoying the trip for the most part though.  He’s always just happy to be with us.

Buster3Somehow David and I both accidentally wore Eskimo Joe’s t-shirts today.  So when we checked in to the hotel tonight, we encountered a group of people who were traveling together on their Goldwing motorcycles.  They were from Sand Springs, Oklahoma which is only about 20 minutes from where David and I grew up!  Small world.  The Eskimo Joe’s shirts almost always bring out fellow Oklahomans!

Now it’s time for rest before we head out again tomorrow.


Wonder Woman!!!

I came across what I thought was the cutest hat pattern a couple of weeks ago.   It was a pattern for a Wonder Woman hat!  I am pretty much of the mind that everyone needs a Wonder Woman hat, so I decided to make one.

This was a great fun pattern.  It would be a good pattern for someone new to colorwork.  I was excited because I was able to go to my yarn stash for all the colors I needed.  It’s kind of a mish mash of yarns as a result, but I very much like the result.



The red is some leftover Lion yarn.  The white is some baby dk.  The blue is Cascade 220 Superwash, and the gold is some alpaca that I got back in Arkansas at Knit Unto Others!

I should probably have included pictures of me wearing the hat, but I couldn’t get a picture that I liked very much (no offense to my photography assistants), so I convinced my little Wonder Kid to pose.



He got goofy with me, but he let me take a few nice pictures.



The pattern is for a beanie, but I made it longer.  I wanted good coverage in the winter cold.

I also had never done a cast on with two different colors.  This was just a long-tail basically, but I held one color in one hand, and the second in the other.  The result was the red edging.  I liked that effect, and it was really easy to do!  I also used worsted weight, so I followed the instructions of another knitter (they are copied onto my ravelry project page).  Basically I cast on 100 stitches and began my decreases at 7 inches instead of 5.

It’s such a fun hat!


Manastash: A First!

Yesterday we decided to go for a hike on the Ridge.  This is a beautiful hike along the Manastash Ridge outside of Ellensburg.  It’s about 2 miles long and you climb about 2,000 feet.  It’s a steep climb. There is a trail that goes along in the woods though that makes the ascent a little easier, and we decided to take that route.  It eventually meets up with the other trail which is steeper and which ascends to the top of the mountain (as I like to call it.  Davey insists that it is not quite a mountain!).

We hadn’t necessarily intended to go all the way to the top, but once we started going we decided to go for it.  We did take frequent breaks.

davey hike


We worked our way up up up, and finally we reached the top!


When you get to the top, there is a book to sign, and so we signed it making note of the fact that it was Davey’s first time!  He was disappointed that we didn’t bring something to leave at the top.  Next time, I told him we would.

He’s ready to go again!



I’ve been knitting stripes.


I love these stripes knit in two of my favorite colors.

These stripes are calling little Lila’s name.  I am hoping that I succeed in making a cute little dress for her. The yarn is  Cascade 220 Sport Superwash.  Cascade is a practical yarn, but I always really enjoy knitting with it.  It has great colors and feels great on the needles.

Back to the stripes!




Yesterday this sweet kid turned 7.5.

1010054 (1)


Davey just keeps on growing in so many ways.  Of course, he keeps getting taller and taller, but his little brain has grown so much too.  I love to listen to him read.  His curiosity continues to grow.  His questions surprise me and often send me to google.  Yesterday, he was teaching me about biomes and deciduous forests or something like that.  His sense of humor continues to grow as well.  I love that.

He is also not afraid to take on new challenges.  This last week has been very challenging as he tries to figure out this whole batting in baseball thing.  He’s a beginning baseball player, and it’s been tough on him trying to break through the beginner wall. He has worked diligently each day with David though, and he is really getting it.  I am proud of his determination.

Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Davey!

The Alaska Poncho!

I finished my Alaska Poncho the other day.  I love it.  I almost can’t wait until winter so I can wear the heck out of it.  Almost.  I am too thankful for Spring at this point!

David agreed to help me take some pictures of the poncho.  When David takes pictures of me it seems to result in expressions like this:



and this:

wool-gang-4But isn’t the poncho pretty?  It is so soft and warm.  I love the blend of colors.

I tried the stand to one side foot posed picture.




I got him to take a close up.  I really love the colors and how the pattern had blended the yarns.

wool-gang-1I decided to try to get David and Davey to model for me.  David was willing.



Davey wanted to get in on the “posing” action as well.


and this:



Two sillies.



Thanks so much to Wool and the Gang for the kit.  I appreciate it so much, and I had so much fun knitting it.  Now I will really enjoy wearing it!