About me

084webThis is a blog a lot about knitting and a little (maybe more than a little) about the Davids (my husband and 6 year old.)


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Great idea for a blog! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Seriously, check out that link for TAAT. I’m normally old school when it comes to knitting, because you can’t argue with good technique, but I really do think TAAT produces a better sock. At the very least, it produces TWO socks. LOL!

  2. Oh yeah. I wouldn’t choose fair aisle as my first TAAT. Go with something simple. I highly recommend the tutorial I mentioned in my blog post. Seriously, TAAT is the bomb!

  3. Davey and Winkie are so cute! They grow up so fast.
    I’m looking forward to seeing The Sweater! What a challenge that must be. Maybe, Maybe next year I’ll try to do a sweater in fair isle (homespun).
    Thankyou for commenting on my blog. Yes, I have read all of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. My mom used to jokingly call me Laura Ingalls. The potatoes were delicious. I certainly wouldn’t want exploding potoatoes…

  4. Fairisle is just about as difficult as it gets – retaining the right tension was always a challenge for me. I’m better with cable, which is so much simpler 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished sweater 🙂

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