So Silly

Saturday we celebrated Davey’s 6 month birthday.  We had a great party – the three of us.  I will post some pictures.  We had presents, I made him a cereal/baby food parfait, it was great fun.  Yesterday we went to a cookout at a friend’s house.  Davey sat in the grass for the first time.  He got his first grass stain, and he ate his first popsicle.  I think that popsicle must have felt great on his gums.  He loved it. 

While he was sitting on the grass, he kept pulling it up and trying to eat it.  So today he was sitting on the carpet – and we have that frise carpet – so he was trying to pull that up too.  No luck but it was pretty cute. He figured it was tan grass!

I did a fun layout today of him. 


Birthday picturesDavey6mth



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