Davey and the Fruit Rollup

Davey and the Fruit Rollup, originally uploaded by bieloh1.

Karen, Kevin, Mikayla and Jadyn visited last week. and one afternoon we went to the water park. It was really hot out that day, and it was a great day to hit the water. They had a shaded area for babies which I loved. Shallow water in the shade – he loved it.

Then Karen gave him a fruit rollup. He loved working on that thing. He had it everywhere, but he had great fun!

2 thoughts on “Davey and the Fruit Rollup

  1. Ok, to be clear, it’s an organic fruit strip – not a fruit roll up! No nephew of mine will receive a fruit roll up from me! There is no added sugar, chemicals or other ingredients! 🙂 He’s sooo sweet!

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