Davey and Addie

Picture 065, originally uploaded by bieloh1.

Oh I love this picture of Davey and Addie. However, David says Adilyn looks like someone told her to do that for the photo. I guess that someone would be me. But she had just done it spontaneously moments ago, and I couldn't get my camera up in time. But I still like it.

Davey loved giving her sugar. It was fun for him to hang out with one of his cousins this weekend. He's lucky to have 3 great cousins.

So Johnny and Sara were here for the weekend (with Adilyn). We had a nice time. They played Cornhole over at Janis and Jerry's. We went to the Narrows and hung out, and Johnny helped David get a bunch of stuff out of storage. We had a nice time. Addie spent a lot of time with the dogs. She loved hanging out on the porch with them, and I know they loved her attention. Once I went out and she had put hydrangea leaves in all their bowls. I don't know if they would be poisonous or not; they were not interested in eating them. David said she fixed them salad.

Another time I went out there and all leashes were placed by the appropriate dog. Blue by Timber, Purple by Koko, and Red by Daisy Lou Who. (as Addie and I like to call her.) Pretty sweet!

1 thought on “Davey and Addie

  1. Don’t you hate when you miss that special moment! I had some like that when visiting my sister and wanted to have it happen all over again too!LOL. It is still cute!

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