September 8

IMG_2486, originally uploaded by bieloh1.

Davey really wants to walk. He stands up and thinks about it, but he is not quite ready to take that first step yet. So instead he drops back to his knees and does that unique crawling technique of his where one leg is almost walking to propel him along. That’s ok. I am in no hurry!

He’s a busy kid! He wears himself out I think. He took two nice long naps today. I worked on my houseshoes that I am making. I am having a lot of fun learning to knit! I will have to post a picture of them when I am done. I almost like looking at the yarn all rolled up in its nice ball more than I like seeing it made into something. I found that I like knitting with wooden needles best. I am using some made from bamboo right now.

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