Davey & Opa


A picture of Davey and Opa on Davey's birthday.  We all had such a fun day.  I need to put more pictures up of that later.  But while I am thinking about it, I wanted to blog about Davey's growing vocabulary.  I want to remember that at the age of one, he says, "Papa, Pearl (puwl), crackers, key, cookie, Koko (he loves the hard K sound!), Mama, Dada, Dank GUUU (Thank you), Byyeeeeeeeeee Bye (as in the way Jerry and Janis say it to him).  He says baba and yesterday tried to say bobbble (bottle with an L). 

He moos at the cows, he quacks like a duck.  We have a pop up book that involves animals eating each other (gorilla eats vulture, etc.) So instead we just learned the animal sounds.  We don't have a clue what a vulture says, but for the purposes of Davey and the book, it says Caw.  So Davey says Caw, caw!  He says woo like Timber, but he always says it very quietly.

He walks with his hands up in an "I surrender" position. (for balance)  But those hands are slowing coming down as he does not need them for balance quite so much. 

We have wide window sills here at Mama Pearl's.  Yesterday Davey discovered he could climb up on them.  He perched up there nicely.  Actually, I have a picture of that too that I need to put up. 

He Loves Cows.  He loves the dogs. 

1 thought on “Davey & Opa

  1. I can remember how fun it was to watch Ashley as she evolved and all the gestures she would do as a toddler.I sure miss those days.Now at 11, she is rolling the eys,sighing at me,and saying “OH MOM” allot. I use to be perfect and now I am “Just” mom :o) Have fun with that baby boy,cause he’ll be a pre-teen soon .LOL.( they are still fun ;o)

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