A New House

If all goes well, we will moving to Arkadelphia at the end of the month.  We've found a house that we like a lot.  It was built in 1965.  It has a great backyard with a double fence even.  Perfect for separating the dogs from Davey when he goes outside to play.  (the dogs love Davey, but they are getting older and I am always afraid he will hurt one of them by accident and that they will then snap at him instinctively.  So we just keep them apart – Davey loves Daisy daisy daisy!  He loves to tell her to HUSH – as she yaps very loudly when she wants something.  He loves Koko too, and she watches over him at night sometimes when he sleeps.)  Ok big parenthetical digression there.  Anyway – house.  It sits up on top of a large hill.  David is trying to figure the logistics of mowing that front yard.  The house is on about 1/2 acre on a corner lot. The inside has lots of updates – new paint, some new cabinets, new countertops and backsplash (granite and it's really pretty).  The floor is almost entirely wood laminate.  I need to take some pictures of it soon. 

Our offer has been accepted, and the loan preparation is progressing.  It's the most efficient bank that I have ever worked with in all the houses we have bought. (5 - this will be 6 geez)  We are having a house inspection on Thursday.  Hoping that that does not reveal something dire. 

It will be so nice for David to not have to drive anymore.  It's 2 miles to school from the new house.  We will miss Papa Jerry and Pearl and also going to see Ma Mutt and Gretta, but it's not far and we will come see them lots.  We will have to come back to Mama Pearl's anyway.  We love it out here.  I will miss Davey's mountain!  Let's have a picture of the mountain – there's probably an old one posted somewhere, but just in case:

(I don't think this picture really does it justice, but writing this in February, I had forgotten how beautiful and green it was here in the summer.)


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