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I have learned that I live in a town which is often referred to as “Arkadoo”  or “the Delph”.  Not sure what I think about that.  The Delph just doesn’t seem right as it makes me think of ancient Greece or something. (Although I guess that is actually Delphi.)


Took Davey to play at Ouachita yesterday and today.  Yesterday he was so upset to leave that he cried “Ouachita, Ouachita, Ouachita”  in a most despairing voice.


So it was pretty nice weather out today – especially after a nice storm earlier in the day.  It was still humid though.  (And the earlier part of the day involved Tom Watson losing in the playoff of the British Open (he shouldn’t have had to go to the playoff – as he said “if only he’d hit a 9 iron” and David’s sadness over the fact that it’s not looking good for Lance Armstrong.)  But I seriously digress.)


So anyway, he had fun playing at Ouachita.  He stomped in the wet grass (post rain puddles).  He ate Nilla wafers which he has for some reason started putting the entire thing in his mouth.  We’d dropped David off on Feaster Trail and he did his run to end up where we were so then he played with us for awhile.


There are chimes at Ouachita every hour.  They play the Westminster chimes and then the clock chimes for each hour.  It is really loud.  As soon as Davey hears it, he runs straight to one of us and buries his head so that the sound will not hurt his ears.  He stays there very still, and I hold my hands over his ears, until the very last dong has sounded.


I need to get some pictures off my camera.  Davey was very busy playing in the carport.  He sweeps, he draws with his chalk (on just about everything but the sidewalk), he digs, he moves gravel around – very busy and focused!


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