My Scrubbies

I have been working hard to try to get an etsy shop going.  I have been making “not just another plain brown scrubbie.”  I knit them with acrylic yarn, and then I crochet a colorful border around them.  I use them myself, and I am just amazed by how well they scrub, and how quickly they dry.  They don’t seem to get all nasty like most scrubbies.  Plus when they do get too dirty, then I can just throw them into the the washer and then the dryer.  No problem.  I really like making these because I feel like I am providing an eco friendly product.  The fact that they are made from acrylic bothered me a little, but they are indestructible and should just last and last and last. So because of their extreme re-usability, I think they are pretty great.

I have been making them in all kinds of colors.  I actually have had a couple of custom orders.  I just shipped of 25 for a customer.  That was great.  Today I made some with a purple border – the first purple ones I have made.  I love them.  You can check them out here:

They look like this!

Not just another brown Scrubbie - Purpley Purple - EcoFriendly - 3 Scrubbies

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