Just imported my typepad blog – wow

I have been planning to import my typepad blog into this blog, but I’d read that the pictures would have to be inserted manually.  Nope.  I had exported my typepad blog to a file on my desktop.  Then I clicked on something like import from typepad and wham bam, here they all are.  Yay!  I liked typepad just fine, but I wasn’t getting anything different there that I am getting here – at least for what I use the blog for – and it is free here! (updated to say WRONGO!  I am a dummy and forgot that when I cancelled typepad, the linked images would no longer have a link.  So I am doing the manual picture thing, as I thought I was going to have to.)

I don’t think I’d posted about Davey’s birthday yet.  I was not too happy with the pictures.  Too many people in the snapshots, too much stuff – they were kind of a mess.  But here he is on his birthday morning happily tearing into a package!  He is still talking about his birthday.  “I want my happy birthday again,” he says.  He had such a nice day!


3 thoughts on “Just imported my typepad blog – wow

  1. Glad you imported ok. He’s so sweet looking 🙂 I know what you mean about crowded bday pics – this year we’re skipping the party & all the hassles that come with planning & we’re taking our kids to Disney World for their birthday.

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