Not so good at zippers

I am not very good with zippers. Ok I should clarify – coat zippers. Pants zippers – no problem. But I guess for years, I didn’t wear coats with zippers, and I guess I got out of practice. Or I was never very good at maneuvering them in the first place.

So I told that to Davey yesterday when I was trying to zip up his coat. I have no chance of zipping it up standing in front of him. I have to stand behind him and then it still is a battle at times. I said, “Davey, Mommy is not so good at zippers.”

So yesterday afternoon, when he woke up from his nap he said, “I’m not so good at sleeping”. I said, “no no you are great. You took a great nap!”

Today, I was trying to zip up his jacket again. He said to me as I struggled, “Mommy, you are not so good with zippers.” I said, “Nope. I’m sure not!”

Turns out yesterday, David was trying to zip Davey up and Davey said to him, “Daddy are you good with zippers?” David told him yes. Then Davey said, “Mommy’s not so good with zippers”.

Guess that stuck with him! Sweet boy.

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