December 2nd?!

It’s December!  December with a 2 year old.  He is getting so excited about Christmas.  I am looking forward to getting the tree.  I almost wrote that I can’t wait to get the tree.  But I can wait, because I am just enjoying every moment of the Christmas season with Davey and David!

We went home for Thanksgiving and had just a fun trip.  We went to an alpaca ranch – very cool.  Alpacas are incredible soft and so sweet.  We went to Arcadia Lake where it was very windy, but Davey built a tower with these great small flat rocks.  We went to a fun restaurant with Karen, Kevin, Mikayla, and Jadyn.  It’s called Pops and is on Route 66.  Every kind of “pop” you can imagine!

I taught Karen, Mikayla and Jadyn to knit!  I didn’t get a single picture of us doing that either, but we had such a fun time.  We went to a yarn store, and then we stayed there to learn to knit.  We sat on two couches.  I got them cast-on, and off they went garter stitching away.  I think they all enjoyed it, and they are still working on their first scarves.

Of course we ate two much.  We add basically two Thanksgiving dinners on Thursday, but it was all delicious and irresistible!

Davey spent a lot of time reading in the car.  I just keep hoping to put that DVD player off for as long as possible.  Forever if possible!

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