Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve.  Home with Davey.  We are starting our own traditions (carrying some forward from when we were little.) Today, I have made green bean salad, we have ham from “Heavenly Ham” which is heavenly!, and I am going to make warm potato salad.  (I have not made that before.  I hope the recipe is a good one!)  We will have rolls too.

I made some yeast dough today, and it was not rising.  I had to throw it out and try again!  I don’t know what I did wrong, but it just wasn’t right.  I have to make plum cake because Mom always has it on Christmas morning, along with cinnamon rolls and butterkuchen.   For a short while, I was afraid I was not going to find any plums here.  I did find them though at Brookshires after looking and looking!  (Canned plums are with the pie fillings in case you need to know.)

Davey helped me decorate Christmas cookies.  He does all the sprinkles.  He did a great job.  He also applied some of the chocolate chips.  Before bed, he will open a gift.

Tonight David and I will  watch Elf!

We wanted Davey to take a nap today.  He really did not want to.  He will say that too sometimes.  “I really do not want to eat that, or I really do not want to take a nap!”   Finally he was kind of quiet in there.  Then we heard, “This is so hard.  This is so hard!  I am working hard!”  We thought he was being dramatic about trying to sleep, so  David goes in there, and Davey is practically naked.  He announces that he wants a bath.  He has never totally undressed himself in his life.  He has always been happy to let us do most of that.  Well, off to the bath he went.  He loves baths, and he avoided a nap!

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