Got a little ahead of myself: Knitting Disaster averted

I was all excited to photograph my finished Roll in the Hay socks this morning.  All that was left to do was to graft the toes.  I did that and wove in my ends.  I was looking at my sock and admiring how nicely I had woven in the ends, when I thought “hmmm”.  My sock looked a little short.  Sure enough, I’d left out an entire pattern repeat.  20 rows short.  So I had to take out the toe.  Undoing my nice kitchener stitch is not high on my list of favorite things to do, but I got it.  I had a bit of a mess as seen below:

Here is the top of my sock.  It lacks one repeat:

But I have order once again, and I am good to go to finish up this sock for real this time!

Davey woke up seriously volatile and grumpy this morning.  Sometimes he is so not a morning person.  He is so like me in that way.  I’d prefer not to talk for an hour or so after I wake up.  I had a nightshirt forever – finally had to throw it away – but it said it perfectly:  “I don’t do mornings”.   Davey is coming around though to his usual cheerful self.  He was playing catch with David a little while ago.  Davey preferred to head butt the ball each time though.  I think we have a little soccer player in the making!

He’s now playing with Daddy, and I am going to get on the treadmill.   Happy Friday!

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