True Confessions of a Knitter

How’s that for a catchy “come read me” title?  It’s not a major confession.  It involves my first Two To Tango sock and it may partially explain the fit problems.  As I am knitting the heel flap on my second sock, well- I realized that it was getting really long compared to what I remembered about the first one.  I looked at the first one:  Heel Flap = 1/2  of Total Length Needed.  (Putting it into a semi-mathematical equation makes me feel a little less dumb about it.)    Where was I when I was knitting that?  Good grief.  That poor first sock seems to be riddled with mistakes.  Fortunately to look at it – you’d think it was fine.    I will re-evaluate when I finish the second one – I think I should rip back and reknit.  I say I am about the process, but that’s quite a rip out!  Just 16 rows short of a full heel flap.  Dumb dumb dumb.

Sock 2 is progressing well though:

I am working on the foot of the Take-out sock too.  I needed some mindless knitting when we went to Hot Springs yesterday.  I haven’t gotten too far yet.

Think we are going to go to the lake today and grill some hot dogs.  I found a new recipe for slow cooked pulled pork and sweet slaw that I will make tomorrow.   Maybe we will go watch some fireworks!

Tried to get a picture of Davey this morning.  He’s playing with my measuring tape and watching some Saturday morning shows.  I couldn’t fully get his attention – this is him saying “cheese” without actually looking at me:

3 thoughts on “True Confessions of a Knitter

  1. I think you are probably right. When I have the sock on, it’s fine. I am just wondering how I will like it in comparison to the other! But yeah – it may be a make-doer! Happy 4th! I am sitting here right now trying to figure out a fun 4th cake to make. I saw a great one somewhere yesterday and of course now I can’t find it!

  2. That’s the thing with knitting–when you make a mistake, you can rip it back, do it over and pretend like it never happened in the first place. What other things can you say that about? Nobody ever needs to know how many times you reworked a heel or a sleeve or ribbing.

    What a cute kid! Love that smile.

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