Bobbles! Lollipops!

I just made my first bobble on my Movie Socks.  I am so excited.  I was worried because my size 0 needles feel kinda floppy and then the cotton didn’t feel like it would bobble-ize too easily.  But it all worked.  It’s not the best lookin’  bobble in the world, but I love it.

Davey was happy for me too!

Of course this might have been the remnants of a sugar high, as I let him have a lollipop entirely too early in the morning.  I wanted to take a picture of him with his sucker.  He hid it:

Gradually he brought it around from behind his back:

And here it is!

And now he was just being cute:

He’s eating a lollipop while still in his pajamas.  It’s a good day for Davey.

Ok so it’s back to it on the Movie Socks.  Oh – I broke my first dpn last night.  I was sad.  It was one of my pretty little knit picks harmony needles.  Snapped it right in two.  I was joining my picot edge, and it was kind of hard for me at first.  I did eventually get the hang of it though, and it went much better.  It was actually pretty fun by the time I was done.  I just love the look of a picot edge!

These socks have a lace pattern.  I learned a wonderful way to knit lace or at least to follow the pattern.  (Thanks to my friend Ronnie.)  I write out each line of the pattern on a separate index card.  The index cards on a spiral work best, or just a little spiral notebook actually, but I had some index cards to use.  So I write the pattern down, and I arrange the line on my card in rows that kind of make sense to me.  This may just look like a mess but it works well for me:

Ok off to knit.  Davey went to play with his I-E and Papa Russ this afternoon.  He was very excited.  And I just got Season 1 Disk 1 of Castle from Netflix.  I didn’t see the early shows.  So I am going to go knit and watch it.  That may be a risky endeavor though as I will be working on this lace pattern.  Living dangerously!

5 thoughts on “Bobbles! Lollipops!

    • Thank you! I have done several more now, and they are really fun and not bad at all. I was worried about purling back across – no biggie. Maybe the cotton helps being a little stretchy? Fun!

  1. Can’t read charts yet or at least I don’t like them. Writing out the row is a great idea. I use Post-its to keep my place on the different rows but they eventually lose their stickiness and fall off.

    All my dpns under a size 6 are metal. I would break wooden ones that are smallerl…not intentionally.

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