Works and works and works in Progress

What is the knitting equivalent for “her eyes were bigger than her stomach”?  It applies to me regarding current projects, yarn stash and projects I want to begin.

I did finish a hat and scarf yesterday.  They are having a drive for handmade items at school, so I thought I would make something.  The scarf I knitted is such a fun scarf.  If you need a fairly last minute handmade gift, this pattern is great.  It knits up fast, and it is such a fun scarf to knit.  Well, I enjoy dropping stitches on purpose.  That never gets old for me.

So at least I do have one thing finished.  I am also more than halfway through on 2 other secret projects.  I am looking forward to putting up photos of those after Christmas.

But then I am ALMOST done with the first sock for David’s “wheat socks”.  I don’t know why I don’t just finish it up.  Maybe then I know that I have to start the second one.  Second Sock-itis abit on these.  It’s a pretty fun pattern, but it’s dark gray and I am going to have to get more yarn I think.  Look at that long foot.  It has to be almost done.

I have one leg knitted on a little magic loop monster I’ve started.

I am anxious to get back to my test knit project, but I love the horizontal cable, that I have done so far:

And then yesterday we went to the Fancy Tiger craft show.  Great stuff there in a really cool old building in downtown Denver.  Unfortunately, it was very crowded and not the best place for a 3 year old (or his 43 year old dad either I think).  I had a lot fun looking though for a little while, during which time David wrangled with Davey.

There was a spinner selling her yarn.  You can check her out on etsy.  I like her seller name “MurderousHoney“, I guess I should find out the inspiration for its origin before I like it too much!  She had such pretty yarn.  I can’t resist green too well plus I like the idea of meeting the person who actually dyed and spun the yarn.  So I bought this.  I am thinking shawlette.  I’d kinda like to knit one like the Alaska one I did earlier in the summer.  This is not the best photo.  It’s cloudy this morning and the light is not great.

So that’s yarn and knitting for me.  And I haven’t even mentioned “The Sweater”.

But now it’s about time to make cookies with Davey.  I have to take some to school tomorrow so we get to have fun baking and then I won’t have them all here tempting me!

Happy Sunday and Second Advent!



3 thoughts on “Works and works and works in Progress

  1. I know what it’s like to have startitis, lol. So a few projects sit and wait their turn while I do finish them one by one. Some take longer to finish than others (I have one that’s been waiting over a year) because “startitis” hits again. So hang in there, you’ll eventually get back to finish them.

  2. I’m jealous. I haven’t have my craft show fix for a few years.

    I started socks for Mr. Aitch several years ago. I got bored with them. I love the muted tones of greys, taupes and creams but fingering weight yarn, size 2 dpns, 2×2 ribbing and plain stockinette stitch just weren’t enough to keep my interest. Plus I knew I’d run out of yarn with no hope of finding more. They’re in my frog pile.

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