Weaving, Blocking, Studying

We are living in the house of colds.  Davey is getting a little better, mine is settling in, and now it’s getting David.  So we are taking it easy.

I’ve been trying to learn how to finish The Sweater.  I am still knitting on the second sleeve, and I have the right front to do, but in the meantime, I am working on finishing the left side.

Yesterday, I did a bunch of weaving in ends.  A bunch.  It’s such squishy yarn though that I am saving it and hope to stuff the next little animal I make with it.  Davey has requested a zebra.

Now I am working on blocking.  I was going to wetblock the back, but then I read some more and thought that might be overkill and leave me with a back that would fit 2 Davids.  So I am going to steam block the rest of it I think.

I found a couple of great videos to help me with the assembling of the sweater.  Actually I got some great help from a few friends who helped me a ton by sending me a few videos.  Thank you very much Susan, Patti, and Susan.

I am going to attempt setting in the sleeve today.  I thought this was a really helpful video.  She makes it look so darn easy: Seaming in a Set-in Sleeve.  While I was watching that video, I saw a link from the same Berroco series for seaming a shoulder.   I also just found a tutorial on setting in a zipper.  I still need to read more on that.  I won’t be there yet for a little while.

Davey was watching a Christmas Team Umizoomi this morning.  I saved some Christmas episodes for him to watch every once in awhile.  They were at Santa’s house, and Davey was worried because Santa did not appear to have a computer.  “But Mommy, how will he check the weather?”

Supposed to be sunny and 64 today.  It’s going to feel like spring!


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