Dots, Socks and a Question

Monday knitting.  I have several things going and then a kajillion more that I wish I could start right now.  However, the goal:  Finish current projects.  Start new projects which utilize yarn already owned by me.

I am test knitting a purse for a friend.  The pattern calls for cotton yarn.  I thought I’d try to be frugal in my cotton yarn purchase, so I am using the old basic washcloth Sugar ‘n Cream cotton from Hobby Lobby.  It’s good sturdy stuff.  I was afraid it would make my hands sore after awhile, but it really hasn’t.    Patti has all sorts of fun colorwork going on in this purse.  I’ve started with the dots section.

I love the different colors.  I have two more dot colors to add.  I think they are going to be purple and yellow.  She’s written a great pattern, and I am happy to be able to try it out for her.

I am also working on my “Make-up Socks” from Joy of Sox.  These have gotten a little comical.  It’s hard to tell from this not so great photo (and I don’t have the socks in any sort of length context – like sitting beside a canoe),  but these socks are a tad long.

This is a toe-up sock.  I was worried that I was going to leave the foot too short, so I think in my efforts not to do this, I instead have made it abit long (clown feet).  I may have to find a person who has an even longer foot than I do.  That may not be an easy task.  It may work out to fit ok.  We shall see.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for people with really looonnnngggg feet.

I wanted to try to photograph some of the pretty detail in this pattern, so I put the sock onto my new cool Christmas gift sock blockers.   I still am having trouble getting a photo that I am happy with. (with which I am happy!)

I’m about done with the heel on this sock.  If I can not get distracted I should finish it soon.  And then.  Sock number 2.  It may be July.

And finally.  I bought this yarn in Ft Collins awhile back.  It’s the dogbite yarn. I guess calling the yarn that makes it look like I have a negative association with it, but I really don’t.  I love the fact that I know the names of the alpacas from which it came.  I’ll rename it. It’s the Angel and Wyoming yarn.  I don’t know what I should make with it though.  Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Dots, Socks and a Question

  1. excellent goal to finish what you’ve started and use from what you have. I am in a similar place with my quilting projects. exactly how long must one’s foot be to win these beautiful socks? I have a friend that wears a size 9 1/2-10 shoe, is that enough? lol. I think the Angle & Wyoming yarn will make anything great! hat, scarf, mittens, socks…

  2. Make a beanie with the Angel & Wyoming yard. It looks like it should be a hat. Love varigated yarn. I love your ‘make-up’ socks…but the color is odd…almost looks like orange that you’ve spilled coffee on. As always…you are amazing.

  3. The Angel/Wyoming yarn is so bold it won’t need anything fancy in terms of stitch pattern. Go with something simple and it will stand out beautifully.

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