April 1

I am pretty tired, and I can’t find my camera to computer cable yet so I can’t download pictures to post a few here.

But it’s April 1st, and I felt like I should post on April 1st.  I don’t know why.  I have never been a fan of April Fool’s Day.  I never much liked the idea much of playing jokes on someone – even though I know it’s mostly just in fun.  But I felt compelled to write a short post anyway – new month and all.

(Edited to say that I do find google’s April Fool’s Day jokes just pretty darn hilarious.  Google Motion?  Good one and if you googled Helvetica today, the results came up in Comic Sans.  David would love that one!)

So we are in our house.  Second night in fact.  We are very happy to be in a house again!  So much to unpack still, but we’ll get there.

I even knitted abit tonight.  I was too tired to take on sock number 2, so I just did some plain knitting on another “Jiffy Mitt”.  Such a fun quick pattern.   Great project to carry in my purse, or when I am pooped from packing.

Pooped.  We checked out our new library today, and Davey found Everybody Poops.  Oh he loves it.  We looked at it several times today.  It is a cute book if poop can be cute.

And on that note – Happy beginning of April!

4 thoughts on “April 1

  1. I was never a fan of April Fools jokes. To me they seem to get meaner and meaner ever year. Making some one feel like the butt of a joke was never my idea of fun.

    Online stuff like Google is okay though. That doesn’t hurt anyone.

  2. Everybody Poops?! Aw, destined to be a classic, no doubt! I hope the new library is fabu–I do so much love an awesome library!
    I remember when Lovely Daughter was tiny; she loved Prudence Goes Potty-not that it helped get her potty-trained fast; I think I was a lazy teacher!

  3. I love the april fool jokes you mentioned. (Did you see Franklin Habit’s blog? He said he was giving up yarn in favor of NASCAR racing.)

    The only joke I saw in action was the little boy who told my daughter her shoe was untied as she hobbled down the school hall on her crutches. I told him I didn’t find that amusing under the circumstances!

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