Davey & Koko Puff

Last night Davey decided he was going to put Koko to bed and get her all tucked in.

Koko, the 15 year old Chow, was not having any of it.

This did not phase Davey.

Davey prepared her bed.   He spread out a quilt and brought in Winkie the Bear.

Unfortunately, Koko was on the move.  Now Koko watches over Davey.  She sits by his bed.  She is curious about what he does throughout the day.  She, however, does not want to play (or be tucked into bed).

Davey was not deterred.  If Koko would not come to her “bed”, the “bed” would come to Koko.

Koko decided she’d better leave the room.  (Poor old girl.  Her posture reminds me of Eeyore.)

Davey tried to lure her back.  He got out pieces of a car track (tan plastic strips which vary in length).   He told Koko that they were “international dog bones”.    She was not interested.

Davey is nothing if not persistent.  He went right after her.

A few minutes later, David and I heard Davey talking to Koko.  They were downstairs.  Davey was holding up a picture of Koko and Timber.  He was saying something like “Isn’t this so so precious?”  I couldn’t find the picture on my computer so I took a picture of a picture.

After that, I think Davey let Koko have some peace.

I’m thinking Koko might appreciate us finding a younger more energetic dog to play with Davey.


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