Superhero Saturday and Sunny Sunday!

We’re having a fun weekend.

Davey and David played superheroes yesterday.  I love to take pictures of them playing, and I love to listen to their stories and dialogue.

Here’s yesterday’s story as I understood it.  A panther was going to attack the supervillains.  Apparently the supervillains are actually big chickens, so they called the superheroes to help.  The Hulks and some other big guys came to help.  Afterwards they all gathered together for a big pasta party.  They had every type of pasta that you could imagine.

We did a little bicycling too.  We got Davey his first helmet.

As you can see from Davey’s expression, helmets are serious business.

Later we got the sprinkler system going.   This was Davey’s first experience with a sprinkler system and he wanted to play in those sprinklers.  Oh but it was chilly!

He ran through just as fast as he could go.

Then he ran to me.  He wanted me to run through those sprinklers too.

I did so.  Very reluctantly.  It was cold.

He’s back out there right now.  He’s probably trying to convince David to run through.

This morning we went to play disc golf for the first time.  I needed an occasion like Mother’s Day to persuade David to get out there.   I think Mark Twain said that “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”  For David, you should insert Disc at the beginning of the sentence.  But we had a fun time.  It’s not so easy to sling a frisbee really far.  Not for the three of us anyway.

Davey roamed around slinging his frisbee like he was throwing a rock.  I finally convinced him to kinda throw it like a frisbee by telling him to hug and then unhug himself.  That helped.

David roamed around debating on whether he’d be better off throwing with his right hand or his left hand.  (His left-handedness was causing some problems from him.)

I just roamed around and tried to throw it as far as I could.  Which was not very far.  I like being around the basket.  As a matter of fact, I wonder if miniature disc golf has been invented.  Now that would be fun.  Lots of short holes with windmills and giant cows.

Ok time to join them outside.  I think the sprinkler portion of the outside activities is over.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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