More letterboxing and a Haircut

We went on another letterboxing hunt yesterday.  It was at a small park in Arvada.

I always love to get a picture of David and Davey walking along.

This hunt involved finding 5 boxes.  We think that one was missing, but we found the rest.  It was a fun one where you had to use clues from the first 4 to figure out the clue for the final box. Since we were missing the box, it made figuring out the clue a little more difficult, but it was a word puzzle so I  had a lot of fun with it.   So here they were approaching one of the boxes.

The park had a playground, and so after the first box, Davey was really more interested in the playground.

He still helped us though, and here he is helping me with the last stamp.

And a hug to finish things off.  Can’t beat that!

So that was another fun excursion in which we discovered a really nice little park. (David would add that he did get a mosquito bite.  If David is around, Davey and I don’t typically have to worry about mosquitos.  They love David best.  It was also a little brushy and itchy reaching for some of the boxes.  I need to add a pair of gloves to our letterboxing supplies!)

After our letterbox hunt, we went for lunch.  While we were eating (Qdoba), Davey decided that he wanted to get a  haircut.  That kid loves to go get a haircut.  We decided he did need a trim, so there just happened to be a place a few doors down.

I had not taken any haircut pictures for awhile – maybe none with my camera since his very first haircut:

I also always have loved this picture where you can see in the mirror how he is smiling up at her.

So back to the present day.

He had some interesting expressions.  He’s very watchful.

And another one – now in this picture, his eyes look just as brown as can be.  But they don’t always look like this.  I just checked and I could see the blue in there.  If people ask me what color his eyes are, I still don’t know.  I’ve asked other people to help me decide.  I just asked Davey and he said, “Tangerine”.

He worked hard to hold his head down.  At first, when she told him to look at his toes, instead of lowering his head, he lifted his feet.  Makes sense!

He was so proud after his haircut.  We’d put the camera away by then, but I wish I had taken a picture.  He was looking around as he walked out, just a grinning away.  Pleased as punch.

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