First day of Soccer – Ever.

Yesterday we went to Davey’s first soccer game and practice.  They actually started a week ago, but Davey had a fever.  He still had a cold yesterday but he was feeling a lot better so we decided it would be ok.

And he was.  He learned a lot on his very first day of soccer ever.

His team has a thirty minute practice and then a thirty minute game.  They practiced with another team yesterday and  had a special coach who I don’t think is with them all the time (I’m still figuring this stuff out myself).

Coach Pete, I think his name was, showed them some drills.   He had a strong maybe Irish accent (which I think the kids were fascinated by – they really listened to him).

And so anyway,  I didn’t quite get what the drills were called.  But  they were yelling out names and then the kids would do something different.

I think this was “Green Bean” (I tried to verify with Davey but  he didn’t provide me with much guidance).

This was perhaps “Baked Bean”?  (Davey just assured me that it was indeed Baked Bean and that yes Green Bean was also correct.)

This was “I fell down and then decided it was time for a little rest”.

Davey really looked like he knew what he was doing here.   He was practicing moving the ball around.  He was doing great.

Then after a short snack of grapes, they started the game.  The field is very small and they played 5 on 5.  (I have no idea how many are in a full big kid soccer game.   Apparently there are 11.  I just googled it.)

The opposing team, however, was having trouble cajoling enough kids out on the field to play.   They did get them out there, and off the kids went.

This was one of the most fun things I have ever watched.

Davey loved to run and run and run.  He was not all that interested in the ball.  Every once in awhile they’d start running, then he’d remember “oh!” and off he’d go often with his arms outstretched like this.

Sometimes they just ran in a long line.

There is no goalie in 3 and 4 year old soccer.   Until Davey decided that he was going to be the goalie.

So they ran around for awhile and it was all great fun.  At the end, they huddled up.  Davey was still focused.

Afterwards, we made a parent tunnel.  It was my first parent tunnel.  I’ll need to get a picture of that somehow.  The kids ran through.  Then they ran through again, and then once or twice more.  They enjoyed this immensely.

Davey’s team is the Lions.  As he relaxed afterward with his juicy juice he roared for me.



4 thoughts on “First day of Soccer – Ever.

  1. You bring back so many happy memories of when my guy was just a little tyke! Davey looks like he did a great job and those smiles tell me he really enjoyed himself!

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