Mini Maze and a Pumpkin

Today we went to a pumpkin patch.  We thought we’d look at the pumpkins and then there are usually some kids’ activities as well.

The pumpkins were not actually in the patch anymore, but Davey picked one out that was just his size, and he decided he wanted to bring it home.

There was also a dried corn box (as opposed to a sandbox).  We’d never seen one before.  It was fun to get in it for a few minutes and play with the corn, but we weren’t sure what to do after that.  You can’t really build with dried corn.  You can make a corny mountain and then let corn rain through your fingers.  That was about it for us, but it was neat.

My favorite part was the mini corn maze built just for kids.  It was just my speed.  Last fall we went to a big corn maze at the botanical gardens.  I blogged about our experience in the maze.  We were not crazy about that corn maze.

I think I learned that I may be a little claustrophobic.  I could not wait to get out of that maze.  I didn’t realize that I may have not been too happy to be completely surrounded by corn.

Today’s maze was green growing corn and it was about as high as little Davey’s eye.

I could see all around us at all times.  This made for a great maze experience.  We also didn’t fear that we’d be lost in there for days.

Twenty minutes later we’d found our way out.

I’ll look forward to going through that maze again!


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