Time to carve the pumpkin!

Yesterday, David carved the pumpkin.  It’s become a great annual tradition.

Davey always intently watches the process.

After awhile, Davey started wandering and playing while David was left to carve.  Next year, I vow to get him a nice pumpkin carving knife.  Every year, he uses a knife that is just not quite right.

Davey’s eyes are a little tired, but I like this picture and his expression.

He returned when David finished carving so he could put the “lid” on the top.  He’d decided that this was to be his responsibility.

Then it was time for the annual slightly violent “stab the jack o’lantern” photo.

I always like to take a picture of David, Davey and the jack o’lantern as well.

Happy almost Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Time to carve the pumpkin!

  1. I never got a pumpkin to carve:( I was going to have Ashley and Andrew work on a couple. Could kick myself. I love this time of year!

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