Whew. Halloween Weekend

It’s been a busy week.  Halloween/David’s Birthday extravaganza to be capped off by Davey’s birthday celebration which will take place tomorrow.

On Friday, Davey and I had picked out a few things for David’s birthday.  We’ve started a tradition (Davey’s idea) where we buy something (a toy) that they can do together.  So we got this little lego guy for them to build together.

Davey wanted Daddy to open it immediately when he got home (early birthday present).  So he did.  Davey was so excited.

Then he carefully watched and helped David put it together.

On Friday evening,  we went to Boo at the Zoo.  It was cold, but Davey had fun trick or treating.

He either was not cold or would not admit to it for a long time.  Finally, he wanted his coat, and then he was ready for a lollipop!

On Saturday we got “booed”.  Someone in the neighborhood left a bucket of Halloween candy on our doorstep.  Davey thought this was just the coolest thing ever.

Sunday we celebrated big David’s birthday.

Davey loves blowing out candles with Daddy.

And of course he loves to lick the icing off the cupcake (and to not eat the cupcake).

On Halloween, Davey had great fun trick or treating with the little girls from across the street.  I did not time my picture taking well, and by the time I grabbed the camera, Davey was about to explode out the door.  So I got a few not so great pictures.

Little Captain America has had a fun several days.



3 thoughts on “Whew. Halloween Weekend

  1. You have been busy with fun things! Happy birthday wishes to both your guys.

    My youngest and I have birthdays two days apart and it is very sweet to me. I got to bring her home from the hospital on my birthday.. Best present ever 🙂

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