Monster, Hexi-puffs and Hulda Holly

I made a monster the other day.  I love Rebecca Danger’s monster patterns.  The pattern for this monster was in the latest edition of Knit Simple.  I had so much fun, that I checked out her knitting book yesterday from the library.  It’s her Big Book of Knitted Monsters.  Davey and I have great fun with these monsters.

I’m also making a hexi-puff here and there.

I’m also now moving along nicely with the beginning of Hulda Holly.  No moebius this time around (I hope!).

There is a red stripe at the bottom of the sweater, and it is a blend of 3 different reds.

It’s hard to tell, and I’m not done with the reds yet, but it’s fun to see how these fairly similar colors blend.

So that’s knitting at the moment.

Davey wanted to help me take pictures the other day, when I was trying to get a picture of the monster.   His monster impression:

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