Thanksgiving Preparation

Davey and I are having a relaxing start to what is going to be kind of an errand filled day.  We need to go to:  Library, post office, Honey Baked Ham, bank and grocery store.  I think that’s it.  Oh Hobby Lobby!  I need some inexpensive lightweight white yarn.  So we need to get started soon.

Davey woke up this morning and the first thing he said was that he was going downstairs to find “Man-at-Arms”(Daddy).  He’s been watching old He-Man and She-Ra episodes on Netflix.  I’m Adora (She-Ra).  Davey, of course, is He-Man.  Last week I was Invisible Woman.  I think I prefer to be a superhero(ine?) over Adora.  Although I do like Adora.

I wrote that we are going to our friends’ for Thanksgiving.  I’m going to make a few things to take.  David wants Squash Casserole like he always had at home.  I found the recipe in the cookbook we have from his grandmother. I’m also going to make Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Potato casserole recipe.  It calls for vanilla though.  I put it in last year, and I liked the casserole except not too crazy about the vanilla.  Going to leave that out this time.

A friend just gave me a new recipe for cranberry salsa.  I’m going to try that out as well.  I love all things cranberry.  I am also going to try the Pioneer Woman pecan pie recipe.  She says that it will make me cry.  If I do it right, I am assuming these will be happy tears.  (I am fond of Pioneer Woman recipes huh!)

So that’s the plan for our Tuesday.  Davey has been very busy this morning and could not be bothered for more than a quick photo.



2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Preparation

  1. I have a recipe to e-mail you- Cranberry Pumpkin Upside Down Cake! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I went grocery shopping last night with our friend that we are having dinner with. The smallest fresh turkey was over 19 pounds!! We are going to have some serious left-overs, lol.

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