Davey’s Big Weekend!

Davey had a high time this weekend!  On Saturday, he attended his first birthday party.   He could not wait for his friend to open his present.

He also very much enjoyed having birthday cake icing.  I think he found a kindred spirit as I’m not sure his friend ate any cake either.

His cousin, Addie,  was also here all weekend.  Davey was very happy about this.

They had great fun playing  together.

They had a great time jumping.

I love to take trampoline pictures.  Even blurry ones.

They really got after it!

Davey and I also made our first batch of Christmas cookies.

Davey had a two-handed sprinkle method going.

I figured out how to use the timer on our camera, so I’ve been having fun with that (even though the photographic quality has not always been stellar)!

I’m not sure what Addie and Davey were doing here.  It involved a very fun game which included throwing play food at something.  They were very absorbed in this game.


We tried for a group picture, but Davey was not thrilled about more pictures.  (I can’t imagine why!)

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