A Cowl, Bracelets and Wee Tot

I finished my second Gap-Tastic Cowl.  It was a fun knit.  I’d like to make a dozen of them so I could stack them and take a picture.  I guess that’s kind of strange.  They’re not towels.

I love these long cowls.  I want to make another one soon, but with a different pattern.

I got some new bracelets!

I love them.  Bangly and one is green.  The other looks nice with the green, so I love them.

Guess what they are made from.

They are made from recycled knitting needles!  I bought them on etsy.com from Sassafras Creations.  She has a great shop.

Just the neatest thing.  I love the idea of recycling old things into new cool stuff.

I hadn’t had my camera out in a week or two.  So I took some pictures of Wee Tot too.  This one was my favorite.


5 thoughts on “A Cowl, Bracelets and Wee Tot

  1. If you’re strange, then so am I..! I love the photos in some knitting books where all the sweaters or socks or widgets are in a big pile and it’s just a squishy and lovely mound of woolly-ness. 😉

  2. Ooooooooooooooo…I love those bracelets. Such pretty colors.

    Your wee tot has just the sweetest smile (and I think there is a “Kerby” in the making.)

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