The Pioneer Woman and Davey (kinda)

Last Saturday Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) was in Denver for a book signing.  Davey really enjoys watching her cooking show with me so he was excited to go meet her.  Davey and I had picked up a ticket earlier in the week.  This put us in group 1 so we had high hopes of not having to wait for too long.

When we arrived we received a number:  293.  We were in group 1, but then within that group we were 293.

Alas, this is as close as we got to the Pioneer Woman.

We waited for quite awhile to see how quickly the line would move.  We still had hope.

The Pioneer Woman began signing books.  She’s so warm and friendly.  She took pictures with people and she took a moment to chat.  David was doing math to try to calculate how long it would take us to get to her.  I didn’t really want to hear the cold hard facts, but as we watched, I realized that he was right.  Basically, it was going to be  long while.   We had 293, so this was better than what we could have had.  There were people who had numbers 600 +!   She started signing at 4:30, and I don’t know how she left before 10.

David held Davey up for a picture in front and above Ree Drummond.  She’s in the picture, but she’s behind the bookcase so that’s why you don’t see her.

So we handed off our number to someone who had number of 500+, and off we went.  It was fun though.  We’d not been to a book signing before, and this was a really neat huge bookstore with all kinds of stuff.  Davey and David spent quite abit of time with comic books and action figures.

And, we found and got Davey his first camera.  He was very excited.  The photo quality is not great, but it’s sturdy and he’s having a lot of fun taking pics of everything.

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