A Nice Evening (Rocket Launching)

When we were in Oklahoma, we spent a couple of nights in Tulsa.  Davey got to spend some time with his aunts and uncle and cousins.  It was great.  We spent one evening outside playing with a rocket launcher (of the nerf variety) which Davey received as a gift. (Thanks Uncle Kev!)

This was a great hit, and I took some fun pictures.

We started in the hotel hallway.

Holly was the “goal”.

Jadyn, Davey and Mikayla had great fun aiming the rockets in order to make a “goal”. I love the expressions in this shot.

We realized that the noise we were making in the hallway might not be appreciated, so we headed outside.

It was a perfect time to go out.  I love this time of day right before the sun sets.

Michael and Karen

Rocket Launch!

We all took turns launching them.

They ran and ran chasing the rockets.

Finally, it was starting to get dark and we had to head in.

Great evening.

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