Oklahoma Wildfires and on a brighter note…

I spent a lot of yesterday glued in front of my computer.  There have been terrible wildfires in Oklahoma for several days, but yesterday they came nearly into my hometown of Mannford.  Many people in Oklahoma have lost their homes to the fires.  It’s really sad.

I stayed glued to my facebook trying to keep track of where the fires were and who was being threatened.  I have to say that facebook was amazing for this.  I also follow some Tulsa tv stations, so this was also a way to get updates.   While I was watching my facebook, waiting for updates, I nervously knitted on a project which is just stockinette.  I didn’t have to think about it, and knitting is calming for me.   I got quite a bit done.  We were lucky too that our families were not affected by the fire.  They did leave last night as there was some threat for awhile, but they returned home this morning.

Yesterday evening, the fires about came into Mannford.  It was really scary.


They evacuated the town, and rumors were flying as to what was burning.  Fortunately thanks to awesome work by the firefighters and the National Guard in their Blackhawk helicopters, no structural damage was done in Mannford.  Of course areas around Mannford are another sad story, and I am reading reports this morning as people return to their homes or where their homes once stood.

I think, but am not sure, that the fires are dying down now around Mannford.  It was around 109 there yesterday which certainly did not help matters.  It’s still very hot today, and they are going to be without electricity for awhile.  Such a sad situation, but then also thanks to the amazing work of firefighters and volunteers, many homes were miraculously saved.


On our happier note, today is our anniversary.  23 years!  As usual, Davey is very excited.  He loves occasions to celebrate.

We went to the Farmer’s Market this morning and got some things for our “anniversary dinner”.  We also got cupcakes from a local baker who was there.  Davey couldn’t wait for the cupcake party.  We had one candle as well, and we sang “Happy Anniversary”.  Here’s Davey singing quite earnestly.


Davey with Daddy – Davey was squirmin’!


And a quick one of Davey and me.


Let’s keep hoping for some real rain to end these droughts!  It’s been quite a summer.

1 thought on “Oklahoma Wildfires and on a brighter note…

  1. We lived through horrendous wildfires in 1998. I wouldn’t wish that particular hell on anyone. Hope they get some good soaking rain soon to help put out the fires. I hope your family continues to be safe and sound.

    Happy anniversary!!!! Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂

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