Fall Soccer 2012!

We’ve started back into soccer again.


Davey really enjoys soccer.  One of the British coaches who works with our soccer program worked with Davey’s team yesterday during their practice.  He got the parents involved too.  The parents and kids took turns pretending to be “stinging bees”.   They had to avoid being “stung by the ball”!


We were practicing together with the team we were going to play, so they did a 1 on 1 activity where they put two boys against each other.  Davey worked so hard here.


They actually went back and forth for quite awhile.


After all that play, Davey was ready for a water break.


Davey had fun with the regular soccer game as well.  They ran and ran (I love this pose!).

At the end, it was time for the parent tunnel.  The little boys all ran through, and you can see Davey getting a pat on the head from another parent.


Then it was time for snacks!  We went out for pizza for lunch, and then Davey came home and played with neighborhood friends for most of the afternoon.  Pretty fun day for the Wee Tot!

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