Birthdays, Halloween, Soccer and Expressions

Last week was a big week for us.  First we had David’s birthday.

David has been rediscovering his love for superheroes.

Then Halloween.  I didn’t take any pictures the night of Halloween, but I have a couple of the young Jedi.  We took this at his Little Gym Halloween party.



He had fun with a much more dramatic pose as well:


Next came Davey’s birthday.  He turned 5 on Saturday.

He is Mr. Expressions!  It’s a lot of fun to watch him!


He gets really excited.



Davey worked hard to blow out his candle.  Even though there was just one (a big 5), it didn’t quite want to go out!

This year we got a Costco cake.  It was bigger than what we needed, but it was really good with this vanilla mousse filling in the center.  Of course, Davey just removed all the icing from his piece of cake.  He enjoyed it thoroughly.

We had friends to celebrate with us, and Davey had a great time. You can see how hard he’d been playing by the looks of his hair in this picture!

And finally, Davey finished up his 3rd soccer season.


He always enjoys the “medal ceremony”! (such a funny little pose!)


1 thought on “Birthdays, Halloween, Soccer and Expressions

  1. I loved reading about the week of Davey. We can’t wait to see you all. We will have to add Davey’s belated birthday to the birthday celebrations when you are here.
    XO, HP

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