Sculptures and Humidifiers

So this is not the greatest of pictures, but there are three things in it that I like very much.

The first of course is Davey.  Self-explanatory.

The second is the humidifier you can kinda see in the background. Since we moved here, we’ve enjoyed dry air.  However, it is really dry.  Now that the cold winter has hit, we were waking up with painful and sniffy noses, and headaches for me.  Everyone has told us “you have to run humidifiers”.  So I got us fixed up.  I put one in Davey’s bedroom and in ours.  We could still use one downstairs, and we will do that soon.  But having moisture in the air when you sleep is miraculous.  We are all feeling the difference already.

The third is the line of blocks on the floor.  Davey was creating a “love sculpture” for me.  It has to be a very long line because he has lots of “words of love” to say.  It is very sweet.  He also made me a shorter one to take to school with me.

Then today, he sent David to school with this sculpture:


This sculpture also had a specific purpose.  Davey was very excited about “Derby with Dad” day at prek today.  The dads go and they race Derby cars I think.  It’s getting ready to take place in just a few minutes.  So Davey wanted to help David be on time and he said, “Daddy when the propellers start spinning” that is when you need to leave RMCAD to come to Derby Day.”  So David took it with him to school. Such an imagination.   I love it.

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