Snowy Thursday and Regrowth Beginning

The sun is out again.  I think the past few days was the longest stretch of cloudy skies that I’ve experienced since we’ve moved here.  We got a lot of snow!  Monday afternoon it started falling until I think we had about a foot of snow.  We had to venture out to the airport on Monday night to pick up Mom.  We took it slow and it went fine, but there was a lot of snow out there.

Tuesday and yesterday we played outside some.  Buster loves it.


Davey had a great time with his Oma too.



I am also getting started on the Regrowth shawl.  The yarn is DK weight so I had to play with the needle size.  I started with a size 6, but then decided that I needed to bump it up to a size 7.  So I restarted.  I hadn’t gotten far.  I have finished the set up chart and am approaching the end of the second “Stars” chart.  This is the top section close to the neck and is a little more solid then the rest of the shawl will be.  Lace is hard to photograph in progress since it is all squinched together and not blocked, but here’s the progress so far.  This color is really pretty, and the yarn is great to knit with.


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