Davey had his half birthday yesterday.  We don’t celebrate hugely, but we did get him a couple of things and we made some cookies.  Our day got away from us so we didn’t get to decorate the cookies yesterday.  That’s the plan for this afternoon.

Davey has been majorly into Batman Lego so we got him some batman lego things.  He also likes the game on the Wii and has been playing that some.  Just set the timer to bring an end to this play session!

Here’s the 5 and 1/2 year old!



This morning we had soccer.  He had a great day.  He’d been a little discouraged with soccer because several of the other boys have gotten really into it and have become pretty competitive.  He really wasn’t ready to charge in after the ball.  He likes to check on his friends and follow along.  He always hustled, but he didn’t want to jump into the fray.  Today though, he really began to focus and was all of a sudden ready to jump in and get the ball.  He made a beautiful goal where he ran the ball down the field and did a great kick!  He was so proud, and David might have been even more excited than Davey.  🙂

Fun day with the 5.5 year old.  Now to close out of Batman Lego, and we are off to decorate his birthday cookies!

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