Hanging out and the Blob

Davey finished pre-k two weeks ago.  He likes to tell everyone:  “I just graduated”.

Right now he’s watching a little tv in his fort.  I found the neatest Little Tikes fort kit yesterday.  He thinks it is great fun.  Unfortunately, I am getting ready to have to maneuver it to the garage as we have a house showing this afternoon.  This picture is a little blurry, but I like the expressions on both David’s faces.


Davey also has been enjoying playing with Buster.  We have just realized though that Buster’s herding instincts are emerging.  Davey often says that “Buster is hurdling him.”  At this moment, Buster only has a tennis ball to hurdle.  He picks it up, moves it a little ways, puts it down and then walks around it.  He has also started nipping at us – well it’s more of a mouthing – not biting – and moving us around.  It’s pretty hilarious.  For now.  Poor dog needs a job.  He’s a herding dog who maybe also feels the urge to mush at the front of a sled.

Finally, I am working on the Regrowth Shawl.  It’s beautiful.  I like to take pictures of my progress, but at this point it is just turning into a bigger and bigger blob.  I can do no justice to photographing the beautiful patterns in the lace.


It is coming right along though!

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