Another visit to McKay Lake

We’ve gone to McKay Lake several times while we’ve lived here.  It’s a fun open space.  Such a pretty lake, and there are also some short trails in a wooded section where we like to explore as well.  It’s pretty open here in Broomfield with few wooded areas, so this is a fun place for us to go.

Off he goes!


He was pretending about something.  I can tell this primarily from the “expression” of his hand.


He asked me to take a picture of the “sparkly lights” in the water (something about coming here always inspires him to ask me to take specific pictures of things.)


We have a nice view of the mountains here.  We will still see mountains after we move to Washington, but I will miss seeing the Rockies.


We had Buster with us.  He was thrilled to be with us.  It’s a nice trait that dogs have.


We followed a little trail through the woods.  We debated for a little while as to whether or not we should try to cross this bridge.


We decided against it.  I wasn’t sure I could maneuver Buster across without splooshing into the creek.

David was playing golf with a friend.  He was just down the street, so he stopped by when he was done.

Davey required his assistance in inspecting some type of injury on his leg.


They determined that Davey’s leg was going to be just fine!

It’s a cool cloudy day today.  (It’s been a few days since our visit to McKay Lake.) It hasn’t gotten out of the 50s I don’t think!  I’ve been exploring crafts on Pinterest.  That is too much fun.  We experimented with tape and paint on canvas today.  We also tried a photo transfer technique.  Everything is in the process of drying now.  We shall see how it all turns out!

1 thought on “Another visit to McKay Lake

  1. Looks like a good time was had by all, especially Buster. LOL

    I wish Pinterest was around when my son was little. There is SO much fun stuff on there.

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