First excursion: Leavenworth and the Wenatchee River

Yesterday we decided to check out Leavenworth.  It’s a Bavarian themed town up in the Cascades .



Friends of ours recommended that we have lunch at Andreas Keller.  A great recommendation as this place was so good.   Great German food.  We had bratwurst, German potato salad and weinkraut (a really mild really delicious sauerkraut).  It’s making me hungry for it again just writing that sentence.  Davey’s heritage is at least 1/2 German, and his picky nature can not overcome that background.  He really likes sausage of just about all types.  So he had wieners – fancy hot dogs basically.

After that lunch we needed to do some serious walking around.  There are many great shops to explore.  We didn’t go into many, but one we liked was a Christmas store called Kris Kringl.  It was 2 – maybe 3 floors of Christmas decorations of all types.  Davey and I really enjoyed looking at the decorations.

Apparently there is a neat Nutcracker museum there too.  We didn’t check it out this time.  We should though sometime because Davey loved the ones we looked at in the Christmas store.

While Leavenworth is really fun, and I want to go back at Christmas when they just go all out with lights and decorations, I think our favorite part of the trip was walking down to the Wenatchee River.  The river runs along the town, and we were able to easily walk down to it from the downtown area.  My pictures don’t do any kind of justice to how pretty it is.



Davey could have played all day down here.  Next time we will bring swimsuits and make a day of it.   There was a great little swimming area that Davey played in for awhile.



The water was cold! but we got used to it fairly quickly.  I’m not sure I’d want to immerse myself completely though.



Davey had great fun looking for unusual river rocks.  He’d find a handful and then bring them to me for inspection.  We’d look at them carefully and toss the ones that were not unusual enough.  He thought this was a great game.



David is ready to explore the Wenatchee more to do some fishing.  Davey and I ready to go back to Leavensworth to do some “tubin'”!

Leavensworth was very busy and “touristy”, but it was still a really enjoyable trip.  Our drive from Ellensburg was really pretty too.

First excursion – great success!

2 thoughts on “First excursion: Leavenworth and the Wenatchee River

  1. it isn’t that you get “used to” the cold water, as much as you “go numb” lol. I love Leavenworth also, I would love to go at Christmas!

  2. I’m sure it is just the first of many, but it’s always good if the first one is a success. I imagine that town is just BEAUTIFUL at Christmas time.

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