Pictures from our first Kittitas Fair

It’s been a big fair weekend for us.  We spent Thursday and Friday at the fair. Friday evening we also went to the rodeo (me and Davey’s first ever), and today was the big parade.


There was a great show for kids.  They got to dress up and pretend to be in the circus.  Davey performed in it twice, and David got chosen both times to be a “volunteer” participant.

Davey is ready for Cats!


The first time David was a helper. He was asked to show his muscles here.


The second time, Davey was a clown.


Who also wanted to do some disco dancing.


David was the “world’s strongest” man in the second show.


This morning we went to the fair.


The parade was basically a quest for catching candy.



Davey rode lots of rides at the fair.  Over and over and over again.  Thank goodness for the “pay once – all day ride pass”!  We ate fair food. We looked at the animals and exhibits.  I began planning my knitting entries for next year.  There was some beautiful work entered.

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