Happy Veteran’s Day!

I have great appreciation for our veterans, but there’s nothing like seeing it through the eyes of a 6-year old to make you extra aware of how special Veteran’s Day is.

He participated in a school assembly the other day.  He has spent weeks getting the Pledge of Allegiance memorized and learning to sing “The Star Spangled Banner”.  He was also very excited about the special march that the kindergarteners got to do when they came into the assembly.




Today we walked downtown to watch the Veteran’s Day parade.



It was great.  Davey was so excited and kept looking to see when they were coming.



He loved waving his flag and clapping for all the veterans who went by.

veteran-day-paradeWe are all off today and are enjoying a nice afternoon at home.  David and Davey have been building with Legos for awhile.  I just finished a couple of short papers.  I finished reading a book (Into the Wild – really good).  I think it’s time to knit.

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