Knitting and a Jedi

It is Spring Break and we are planning some serious relaxing.  I am looking forward to some serious knitting time as well.

I just finished a sweater for my sweet little one year old niece.



This is from an Ella Rae book that I bought at my LYS.  The yarn is Ella Rae also.  It’s called Cozy Soft and is an acrylic/wool blend.  It was really soft and nice to work with.  The pattern was great too.  It had a fun stitch pattern which kept it interesting to work on.  I hope little Lila likes it!

A couple of months ago, I made a chicken sweater for a friend.  I can now scratch that off my list of things that I had never made before.  (I don’t know why I took an upside down picture of the sweater.)



I even crocheted a few little flowers for decoration for the little chicken.

I made this for a friend in Colorado who then gave it to a friend who has chickens.  Look what my friend sent me in return!



She is a painter and she painted this for me!  I felt so lucky to receive them!  She does beautiful work.  I love that we traded our work although I think I need to make her something else now because I just love these.

This weekend we are going to go to Comic Con.  David and Davey are getting pretty excited.  Davey has already picked out his Comic Con attire.



My serious determined Jedi (or the kid who really did not want his picture taken).

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