Davey – formerly known as “the very picky eater” + Pinterest Success

Davey has developed a reputation for being a very picky eater.  For a long time, he wanted nothing to do with vegetables or basically anything that was part of a “mixture”.  He did always eat a lot of fruit though, so he got some vitamins that way (plus some gummy vitamins sometimes). Besides fruit, he mostly enjoyed peanut butter and jelly, goldfish, vanilla yogurt, cheese, Life cinnamon cereal (known around here as “crunchies”), and sometimes chicken nuggets.

However, I never could envision him growing up to be too particular.  David and I definitely are not, we don’t come from families who include picky eaters, and I did not see how it could be part of his genetic makeup.

I worried a little though.  A friend from Colorado told me about her cousin who specifically requested that she have chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese at her own wedding as those were pretty much the only foods she liked.  I could see this as Davey’s future for a little while.  But, we never made a big deal about it and just kept encouraging him.

He is beginning to come around.  This is now a kid whose current favorite food is black-eyed peas and cornbread. He also loves spinach salad (he likes it with 1000 island dressing, but he will eat plain spinach leaves too).

This brings me to some pinterest successes I have had lately and which have also expanded his eating repertoire.

I made a great simple pepper salad the other day.  Basically just several types of chopped bell peppers, lime juice, cilantro and onions.  Davey loved it.  In an attempt to get him to try it, I first asked him to taste test each color of pepper to see what color he liked the most.  I think red and yellow beat orange and green.  He chowed on these peppers!  He even ate some of the cilantro and said he liked it (I could not hang with him on that one).

The same night I tried a new Mongolian beef recipe.  It was another great success, and Davey ate quite abit of the beef and enjoyed the sauce mixed with rice.

Davey still has his moments.  He doesn’t like any of his foods to touch each other on the plate.  He also wants to use a separate spoon or fork for each thing.  So a fork for the rice and a different one for the beef.  I think he was just picking out the peppers and eating them like finger food.

He’s getting there though!  There be some regression on the way, but I’m no longer too worried that we will need to make sure and have chicken nuggets and goldfish at his wedding.


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