Evening Walk on the Yakima

A couple of evenings ago, we went down to the Yakima to look for driftwood for Flappy the betta’s tank.  There is a really beautiful trail that goes along the river for about a mile.  We’d discovered it right after we moved here last summer, but we’d not been back yet.  We had especially not gone back in the evening.  This is my favorite part of the day, and the light was wonderful.

I love to take pictures of Davey and David walking together.



I also love to take pictures of just Davey walking along.  He’s almost always pretending about something.



He did get upset with me at some point.  I am trying to remember why, but I can’t for the life of me remember.  So I took some pictures of him irritated at me.  I guess maybe I shouldn’t do that.  I’m fast though.


And not 5 seconds later, he’s starting to come out of it anyway.  He’s not one to stay mad.

Another Daddy Davey/ father son study.  Love how they are both looking to the side.  They look so similar in their poses.



I have to go walk down there again soon.  It is so pretty and peaceful.



Ok one more of Davey and David hand in hand.  I can not resist.


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