A little knitting: Sinkmates!

I learned about a fun pattern for dishcloths a couple of weeks ago.  (Thanks Ann!)  I don’t usually make dishcloths too often because I get kind of bored with them, and I am not crazy about knitting with the dishcloth cotton.

Well, this pattern inspired me.  It’s called Sinkmates on ravelry.Sinkmates2The designer, Lorilee Beltman, is selling the pattern for $2.00.  She has donated all the proceeds from the pattern to Special Olympics and has raised $2,500 so far.  That’s a lot of patterns!

They are a lot of fun to knit.  You begin with an i-cord. It goes very quickly. Then you pick up stitches with the main color.  Next you follow the pattern to create the remainder of the dishcloth which eventually decreases down to 5 stitches.  I love patterns that decrease and decrease to the finish.



The only thing that I didn’t like was picking up the stitches from the i-cord.  This was difficult and hard on my hands.  Finally after I was almost done with the 3rd one, it occurred to me that I should knit the i-cord with a larger needle.  So I did.  I knit the i-cord with size 8 needles and then picked up with size 7 needles.  This worked awesomely.  No more hand pain or frustration.

I like to take pictures of things from goofy angles hoping I will get a cool result.  I didn’t get there this time.



These go very quickly and they are great to knit while traveling or while sitting in front of the tv in the evening.  I also love that she created this cool pattern and then has donated the proceeds to a great cause as well!



2 thoughts on “A little knitting: Sinkmates!

  1. I am with you and usually am not a fan of working the cotton, but with these beauties you may have changed my mind. A great pattern and a great cause, that sounds like the perfect reason to dive back in.
    Lovely photos!

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