Just a few pictures from soccer camp

Davey went to soccer camp this week at CWU.

For a last day celebration, the kids teamed up into two groups and played some fun games.  They called it the Wacky Olympics.  Some of the games were very wacky like the one where they had to use their mouths to dig out gum which was buried in a pile of whipped cream, and then they had chew the gum and blow a bubble.  Davey wanted no part of that game or any other of the games involving food.

There were other parts of the games that he enjoyed very much like when his team did their “super-sonic” run around the bleachers.

That gap-toothed grin!



He got a medal and a ball both of which he liked very much.



He was quite interested in that ball as he looked at it for awhile.  Or, he was daydreaming which is equally possible.



They did a group photo, and I like how he was trying to give his best attention and smile.



Even though he had fun, he was not feeling really great so he sat on my lap for a little while.

davey-and-meHe’s getting to be such a big kid, so I take these moments when I can get them!

1 thought on “Just a few pictures from soccer camp

  1. Gotta get those snuggles in.

    I was surprised he wouldn’t dig into the whipped cream. I didn’t know there were people that don’t like whipped cream. LOL

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